Pixelwolf v2.0

Pixelwolf has had to change with the times, well at least functionality-wise. The original pixelwolf.net website was programmed from scratch by me using all of my HTML 5, CSS, and javascript knowledge. Designed with the look and feel of the nostalgic mid-90s, It worked just fine but browser comparability was not always perfect.

Version 1.5 continued to evolve using Bootstrap as the foundation to improve cross-browser compatibility without causing drastic changes to the look and feel of the website. Again though this was fraught with it’s own set of issues, most notably a working blog system as this has now evolved into a proper blog website for my, well…. everything.

And here we are now at version 2.0 another leap forward in the technology used to creat the website you see before you. Right now I am still maintaining my mid-90s appeal while maximizing my blogging AND browser compatibility. I have used a base theme from organic themes and melded it with my ever-growing knowledge of web development to produce my perfect home page.

So that is it, that is where pixelwolf is now. The website is on the up, still rocking that mid-90s athletic and will be adding more to it over time from now on. On the side you will see a variety of posts. everything from photography and videography though to 3D renders, game assets, game development, and even metal detecting, terrariums, and more! Literally too many to list (I have a lot of interests)

So stick around and I will leave you with a little gif made from my last AOE2 campaign with the wife (Sleeping with the fishes)

Sleeping with the fishes

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