Bug Fixes & Improvements

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New Color Picker Build 1.9.5

EFPSE Version 1.10.1

  • Fixed the vn/console rendering issues caused by 1.10.0
  • Improved comment '//' parsing in scripts, so they are no longer parsed as parameters.
  • Fixed the armour autohide HUD option not being saved
  • Fixed weapon pos/scale not being saved
  • Fixed a crash when setting weapon scale to a negative value
  • Updated the default armour icons (thanks Grim Dev)
  • Improved 'PROJECTILE' documentation

EFPSE Version 1.10

  • Fixed the "disable culling" decoration setting
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if your forgot to add a leading 0 in your script (eg; .2 instead of 0.2)
  • Fixed a memory leak with particles
  • Fixed an editor crash that could occur while closing the custom tile editor
  • Fixed an issue that would cause ATTACK and SOUNDANDATTACK actions to affect attack range when a value other than 0 was specified.
  • Fixed an editor crash that could occur while importing 3d models.
  • Fixed a potential crash when loading a save game that had a lot of projectiles
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a decoration/enemy to have a weapon's 3d model if they had the same name
  • Fixed a bug in the scripting engine that caused precision to be limited to increments of 0.01 (eg; 0.007 would be rounded to 0.01)
  • Fixed enemy projectile targeting while the player is crouched
  • Fixed doubling of included custom column tiles when creating a new project
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when spawning an enemy or decoration with a missing texture
  • Improved documentation regarding FSM (missed actions and delay parameters)
  • Number text boxes in the editor will no longer change by themselves while you're typing (especially noticable when typing negative values)
  • Changed the 3d model creation dialogue to split decorations, enemies and weapons into categories.
  • Items in the hud editor can now be dragged to change their position
  • Initial support for controller input. Natively supports xbox controllers. Sony/Nintendo/other controllers are currently only usable with DS4Windows or steaminput. Not rebindable yet, and menu navigation currently simulates a mouse rather than jumping between menu buttons.
  • Added an armour system. Currently acts as a second health bar. A future update might allow it to absorb only a specified percentage of incoming damage, or act as a regenerative shield.

EFPSE Version 1.9.5

  • Custom modifier values can now be edited without clicking the adjustment buttons.
  • Custom tile shape visibility/collision can now be changed from the editor, instead of requiring manual file editing.
  • Made it possible to edit HUD.dat while the editor is open.
  • Player height can now be adjusted in the player configurator.
  • Replaced the color selection dialogues, using this free library. Let me know if you like it or not.
  • Improved save file contents (weapon stats, player settings, gravity and projectiles are now included: This breaks compatibility with old save files. Loading a save file created with an earlier engine version will crash your game.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause triggers to be removed when activating a sound trigger.
  • Restored the model delete buttons in the model configurator.
  • Fixed culling issue with cube skyboxes (screenshots before/after)
  • Projects can now be opened by double-clicking their name in the project list.
  • Made the LASTDAMAGE value more accurate for multi-bullet weapons.
  • Fixed an engine crash when a door is placed on an empty tile.
  • More editor crash fixes relating to files with spaces in their names.
  • Fixed an editor crash that would occur when importing system resources (menu images, etc..)
  • Improved the stability when loading invalid or corrupt project files.
  • Added dialogues offering to reset any discovered project issues.
  • JUMPIFNOAMMO now handles negative ammo values if you somehow messed up your ammo count
  • Spaces are now removed from filenames when importing map sounds, avoiding another potential editor crash.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the player from walking on invisible tiles.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the "Fullbright Projectiles" setting from being loaded properly.
  • Fixed missing save slots *asterisks* in built games.
  • Fixed a bug causing weapon position/scale to change when player height was changed.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent 3d models from being updated when they were reimported.
  • Fixed 3d weapons clipping through walls.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause level geometry to be rendered with a different 3d model's texture.
  • If any menu images are missing, the engine will now use a darkened copy of the main menu image, or a completely black image if the main menu image is also missing: If you're using a video for the main menu, this will allow you to keep the video playback state across all sub-menus.
  • Updated inaccurate manual description for "player weapon holster"
  • Fixed muzzle flash issues for 3d weapons.
  • Actually fixed muzzle flash with 3d weapons
  • Fixed a bug in the scripting engine that could cause comparisons to fail
  • Fixed some crashes and bugs in the save/load system , and made sure the "game save" command isn't executed before any entity/spawn commands if it's not supposed to.
  • Fixed a bug that caused custom modifier length to be locked to width for all shapes
  • Fixed a crash when clicking delete on an empty 3d model