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Noesis - 3D model converter convert almost any 3D format in to the EFPSE 3MD compatible format.

DUCT - An Unofficial Cutscene Tool for EFPSE Downloadable Unofficial Cutscene Tool for EFPSE v1.5

EFPSE Scripter by Pixel Wolf - and easy web based scripting application with syntax highlighting for EFPSE scripting language

Image Stream Creator. Convert any FFMPG encoded video to .vid for EFPSE Downloadable video converter Tool for EFPSE v1.9.5 and newer

Advanced Renamer Free tool to batch rename files. Useful for taking large amounts of textures you downloaded that have spaces or special characters in the name, and renaming them to strict alphanumeric filenames to be imported into EFPSE.

Junior Icon editor Free tool to create game icon to use.

Resource Hacker Free tool to easily update or change game icon

VUE Visual Understanding Environment (VUE) is a concept and content mapping application perfect for mapping out plot and stories for your games