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Game Info Configurator are available in "Game Settings".

  • Game Name - title for your game that will be shown when windowed.
  • Jump Enabled - enabling/disabling ability to jump.
  • Crouch Enabled - enabling/disabling ability to crouch.
  • Map Enabled - enabling/disabling activating mini-map by pressing Tab.
  • Flashlight Enabled - enabling/disabling ability to use flashlight.
  • Separate Cursor For Active Decorations - if enabled, will show "Pick" icon in place of crosshair when approaching a tile with terminal or decoration with attached script.
  • Use Active Decorations On Button Press Only - if enabled, everything (including weapons/ammo) will be picked by pressing Use button.
  • Freelook - enabling/disabling ability to use mouse to look up/down.
  • Real Recoil - if disabled, bullets will fly in the original camera direction, without taking actual recoil into account.
  • Select Starting Weapon - allows you to select any weapon to start first level with. Notice - you need to create at least one weapon.
  • Allow Quicksaves (f5/f9) - allows you to turn on/off ability to use quick saves. It won't affect the ability to save your game from menu.
  • Item collection flash - here you can change the color of flash when you're picking items. Don't forget to adjust the transparency.
  • Injury flash - same as above, but adjusting the color of flash when your player getting hit.