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The engine has some default resources that you will have to provide if you want them to be shown. They can be added in "Import System Resources" menu along with other system resources. The names here are self-explanatory. Default effects sprites for enemies will be shown if they were not imported in enemy's settings menu.

Added initial support for video playback. EFPSE build 1.9.5 and Newer

 This allows you to have animated menus and cutscenes without a huge impact on memory or loading times It currently uses a very naive method, and doesn't support audio, but this will be improved with future updates. You'll need to use an external tool to convert your video to a supported .vid file.

link=File:ISC.png|framelessImage Stream Creator. Convert any FFMPG encoded video to .vid for EFPSE

Adding Video background to menu.

Once you have converted your video to .vid you can simply place it in the menu folder with the same name as the static background. Typically this can be found at


Example of animated background