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Welcome to the Unofficial EFPSE Wiki Extended

Originally the Wiki was created and maintained by RagnarRandom with the goal of creating a community-built Wiki to help current and new users alike. Since then, Pixelwolf has taken up the mantle of hosting and maintenance of the Wiki. This wiki is not affiliated with EFPSE in any way and is simply a community driven wiki.

Home of Pixelwolf

Future updates

This wiki will over time evolve and receive the following updates. 

  • Bug fix and improvement overviews (CE onward) (Ongoing)
  • Updates from the latest manual (ongoing)
  • A list of free tools to use to aid game creation (ongoing)
  • A list of free assets to use with EFPSE (ongoing)
  • A comprehensive list of games made with EFPSE (ongoing)
  • Tutorials from community members

Any bugs found with the software can be reported on the official bugs page on

Likewise you can join the official community on here